Audio/Visual Systems

Collaborate and Communicate Seamlessly

Whether it is an executive board room, conference room or other meeting facility, group communications must allow you to easily connect to your team, wherever they are. To present the facts, discuss them and make critical decisions quickly. VCI understands that your team’s time shouldn’t be spent getting the technology to work properly or figuring out how to connect to someone in a remote location. It should be spent seamlessly and effortlessly communicating.

VCI brings the latest technology into your meeting spaces, providing your company with the power of more communication, more collaboration and more return on your investment. VCI’s experience and expertise in this area will help your organization hold briefings, presentations and meetings that will not only impress, but will help increase business and profitability.

Our Audio/Visual System services include:

  • Consulting
  • Display Systems
    • LCD, Plasma and Projector
  • Video Conferencing Systems
  • Paging Systems/Sound Masking
  • Maintenance and Service Plans
  • Training
Mission Statement

Dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality, integrity and expertise in the design,
installation and service of voice, data, security and video networks.